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About Snake River One Watershed One Plan

Partners across the watershed are coming together to develop a comprehensive watershed management plan for the Snake River Watershed. A watershed is an area of land that drains all the streams and rainfall to a common outlet. The vision for One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P) is to create a local water plan on a major watershed boundary instead of traditional County boundaries. Together we are going to create a comprehensive plan to include prevention, restoration, protection and preservation of our watershed.

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Upcoming Meetings:

Steering Committee: 07/09/2020 @ 1:30pm

Policy Committee:  07/27/2020 @ 10:30am


Scenes from the Snake River Watershed

Native Plant Buffer on Ann River

Native Buffers protect shorelines from erosion, provide great infiltration for runoff and provide pollinator habitat.

Manure Pit Closure

Closing unused manure pits protects our waters from excess nutrients and removes safety hazards.  This is a before and after picture of one Manure Pit Closure project in our watershed.

Streambank and Shoreline Protection

Project near the Snake River where streambank and shoreline protection practices reduce erosion, increase infiltration, and provide habitat.

Bear Creek

Located in the Southeast portion of the Snake River Watershed.

Pokegama Creek

Mission Creek

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