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The Mille Lacs SWCD has a mechanical tree planter available for rental. Our tree planter is meant to be pulled behind a tractor. It operates on a pin hitch with a marine battery used to lift and lower the plow blade. One, or better yet two, people ride the planter behind the tractor and place the trees into the ground. It has comfortable seats and safety belts.

The tree planter creates a slit in the soil. A seedling tree is placed in the slit and packing wheels on the planter close the slit and firm the soil around the tree. The tree planter is a great tool when you are planting a large quantity of trees in straight rows.

The tree planter rents for $35.00 per day and is available for a maximum of 3 days in a row. Please contact us well in advance of your planting date for more information or to reserve the tree planter.


The Mille Lacs SWCD has two No-Till Drill Interseeders available for public rental. During the snow-free season, both are visible parked along Highway 23 in Milaca.

To rent the interseeder visit our office during business hours (8-4:30 Monday – Friday) to sign a rental contract. We will make arrangements with you to pick up and return the equipment during business hours. We will provide safety and use instructions, as well as review the condition of the drill and make sure all is in good working order. We also ask that the equipment be returned free of mud and that any hoppers used be vacuumed clear of seed. We do not have convenient resources to properly clean the interseeder at the office and just a day in the humidity can turn what may seem to be just a few legume seeds into a plugged small seed hopper.

We understand planting is weather dependent and somewhat unpredictable. That said, we do our best to schedule the availability of the interseeders as efficiently as possible. To the best of your ability, we will ask you to schedule an estimated completion time. That allows us to schedule the next user to pick up the drill upon its return. Dependent upon the distance traveled and acres to be planted, we can sometimes schedule two users per day.

Truax FLXII-816

This new piece of equipment (purchased in 2016) is excellent for no-till planting, Conservation Reserve Program establishment, buffer strips, and other large-scale applications.

A 60hp tractor or bigger is needed to pull the Truax. The Truax is 13′ wide and plants at 10′ wide.

To facilitate multiple types of planting, the Truax is equipped with three hoppers:

  • “Cool season/grain” for small grains such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, rice, and soybeans.
  • “Small seed grass” for dense seed such as clovers, millet, ryegrass, orchardgrass alfalfa, birdsfoot trefoil, canarygrass, and crested wheat.
  • “Native Grasses” for lighter grasses such as brome, switchgrass, bluestem, and sideoats gama.

RENTAL FEE: $14.00/acre; $70.00 minimum
DEPOSIT: $500.00
(Donations from Benton and Kanabec SWCDs have made the Truax available to landowners in those counties at the same rate)

Tye Pasture Pleaser

The Tye Interseeder is a smaller piece of equipment useful for tight spaces or for those with a smaller tractor. The SWCD has been able to continue to make the interseeder available in the community largely due to assistance from those renting it. It is not a new machine and field repairs are sometimes necessary. If there is a maintenance issue, please bring it to the attention of SWCD staff immediately.

A 30hp tractor or bigger is need to pull the Tye. The Tye is 8′ wide and plants at 6′ wide.

Three Available Hoppers:

  • The large Hopper or grain hopper of the Tye Pasture Pleaser is equipped with an internally fluted, adjustable seeder. This seed will accurately meter out small grains such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, rice, and soybeans.
  • The small or “grass seed” hopper is in actuality a legume box, equipped with an externally fluted, adjustable seeder. This seeder allows accurate and positive seed flow of small dense seed such as clovers, millet, ryegrass, orchard grass, alfalfa, birdsfoot trefoil, canary grass, and crested wheat.
  • Native Grass/The bluestem box hopper is for light, fluffy or trashy seed that is not able to be metered through the other two available boxes. Native grasses such as brome, bluestem, little bluestem, and sideoats grama or mixes of these types are spread on top of the ground, behind the double disc, in front of the press wheel.

RENTAL FEE: $10/acre; $30 minimum

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