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Compass: Shoreland Steward Program

It’s something you are going to be hearing a lot about around the Lake. Compass is a shore land stewardship program developed by the Mille Lacs Lake Watershed Management Group (MLLWMG). Compass will help point people in the right direction to actively protect the health of the Mille Lacs Lake Watershed.

How Does It Work?
Lakeshore property owners will be recognized by their friends and neighbors for the good things they are doing to help keep Mille Lacs Lake healthy. Depending on how much they are doing, they will be recognized for a Bronze, Silver or Gold level of achievement. They will receive a lawn sign so their neighborhood knows they are a good steward of the lake and they will be recognized on our Facebook page and Website and maybe get their picture in the paper! They will also receive a free Shoreland Stewardship Plan that will help them reach even higher levels of stewardship! Compass members will be invited to special events and workshops and eventually may be trained to conduct Compass Lake Health Surveys themselves! They might even be eligible for financial assistance to complete projects from their free Shoreland Stewardship Plan.

How Do I Start?
Ask one of our Compass Specialists to survey your lakeshore property for Best Management Practices (BMP) that Filter, Absorb and Capture storm water runoff before it reaches the lake. You will also be surveyed for BMPs that protect the lake from Aquatic Invasive Species like Zebra Mussels.

  1. A Compass Specialist will survey your lakeshore property with you. This a chance for you to ask questions and start conversations with a trained technician about how your property can actively protect the lake.
  2. A Compass Lake Health Survey will be completed by you and the Compass Specialist.
  3. A stewardship level will be confirmed based on your Compass Survey score (Bronze, Silver or Gold).
  4. If you want to do even more to protect the lake, Compass will help you get it done.
    Compass will work with you to create a Shoreland Stewardship Plan based on your goals for your property.
  5. Use your Lake Stewardship Plan as a guide to reach the next level (Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold). Receive further recognition and become more involved in community efforts to protect the lake.
    Talk to your neighbor about the Compass sign in your yard and start a conversation about how they can work with you to protect the health of the Lake Mille Lacs Watershed.

How Do You Decide If I’m Bronze, Silver or Gold?
It depends on the score you get on your Compass Lake Health Survey. You will get a sign for your property letting everyone else know that you are doing great things for your lake. We are hoping you will be an inspiration to your neighbors!

Are There Any Rules?
Well, they are more like guidelines to keep everybody on track. And they are more for us than you. We will check in with you at least once a year to encourage you and check on your progress with your Shoreland Stewardship Plan and ask you what kind of assistance you might like from us. But we are hoping that you will talk to us more often than that!

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