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COMPASS is an active community of people dedicated to protecting the overall health of Mille Lacs Lake. Compass membership is voluntary and participants get recognized for their conservation role and best management practices. These are landscaping techniques that promote lake health, manage runoff and stabilize erosion.

A Compass Specialist will work together with you to understand your concerns and goals of your property. Aligning your property goals with water quality goals will help to protect Mille Lacs Lake Watershed. As a community, we can achieve our water quality goals!

Become a Compass Member! It is EASY! Compass membership starts with an interest in the ways that you can improve your shoreland property and make it lake friendly. A Compass Specialist will come and walk your property with you. They will have a conversation about the good things you are already doing and they will help identify additional ways you can help protect the lake in a Shoreland Stewardship Plan.

Projects May Include:

  • Installing a rain barrel to CAPTURE rain water runoff.
  • Designing a rain garden to ABSORB runoff.
  • Planting a shoreline buffer that contains native plants to FILTER runoff and stabilize the shoreline.

Lake friendly landscape is low maintenance! It helps keep the water clean and can provide habitat for bees, butterflies and other wildlife.

You will receive a FREE Shoreland Stewardship Plan! Become a Bronze, Silver or Gold member of COMPASS by achieving the goals listed on your stewardship plan. Compass offers resources, information and assistance each step of the way. Compass can help you achieve your goals!


Rain Barrels are an easy way to practice conservation. Rain barels capture water to be used later, helping to protect surface waters and prevent erosion. Click on the picture for more information.



A rain garden is simply a landscaped area planted with Minnesota native wildflowers and vegetation that soaks up rain water. Rain gardens reduce stormwater runoff. Click on the picture for more information.



Shoreline native plant buffer will filter rain water, stabilize your shoreline, and protect surface waters. Click on the picture for more information.



AIS are non-native plants, animals, and pathogens that live in water and cause environmental damage and harm to human health. Click on the picture for more information.


Mille Lacs Lake Watershed Management Group (MLLWMG)


2020 Events

Updates coming soon!


It is the mission of  the Mille Lacs Lake Watershed Management Group to improve and protect water quality in the Mille Lacs Lake Watershed by partnering with those who live, work, and play here!

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Mille Lacs SWCD is located in the lower level of the Mille Lacs Historic Courthouse at 635 2nd Street SE in Milaca.

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