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The Mille Lacs Soil and Water Conservation District holds an annual spring conservation tree sale to encourage tree planting in Mille Lacs County. Each year the SWCD distributes more than 10,000 trees to over 100 residents who plant trees for birds and wildlife, shelter belts and soil and water conservation.

Tree and shrub roots serve to stabilize soil and prevent erosion from storm water runoff. They also filter and cleanse water running through soil to the ground water below. Many species being offered provide food and shelter for birds and wildlife year round. Trees can increase the value of your property and conserve energy by shading your house in summer and sheltering it from cold winds in winter.

The trees and shrubs offered by the SWCD are bare root seedlings that are sold in bundles of 25. Bare root seedlings are easy to plant and grow quickly.

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Trees and Shrubs available through the SWCD.

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Nannyberry is a large shrub or small tree that prefers moist to wet conditions. It is tolerant of flooding yet drought resistant. Many ground birds and songbirds eat the fruit that hold on until late season. Nannyberry is an excellent pollinator and is the host for...

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The American Hazelnut is a medium to large shrub that grows in a variety of soils but is often found at the edge of woodlands and as understory among oaks. Hazelnuts produces edible nuts that are enjoyed by humans and wildlife. The shrub is tolerant to dry sites.

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American Plum (Prunus americana)

American Plum suckers freely, forming dense thickets which are excellent for bird and wildlife cover. Large white flowers bloom in May and the edible fruit is ripe in late summer. Plum will grow in sandy soil but is adaptable to a variety of soil types and habitats...

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Black Cherry

Black Cherry trees prefer a well-drained, upland soil, and full sun. Seedlings will grow in the shade, but will only thrive for a few years without sun. Black Cherry flowers resemble bottle brushes and are very similar to Chokecherry flowers. The fruit is edible for...

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Bitternut Hickory

Bitternut Hickory prefers rich, loamy soil can be found growing with Sugar Maple, Basswood, Red Oak, American Elm, and Green Ash. It is moderately tolerant to both floods and drought. It is slow growing in the shade and fast growing in direct sunlight. The nuts are...

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Red Maple

Red Maple is tolerant of a variety of soils but prefers moist conditions. It has some drought tolerance as well as tolerance to seasonal flooding. It is a medium to fast growing tree but is relatively short lived (150 years). Foliage in the fall is a brilliant red and...

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Black Spruce

Black Spruce is a small, slender conifer with short, horizontal, drooping branches. It can be identified by short, stout hairs on the twigs. Although Black Spruce typically grow in wetlands and is long lived but small in poor, bog soils, it will also grow well on...

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Jack Pine

Jack Pine is extremely hardy and thrives on sandy, gravely, dry soils that are too poor to support White or Red Pine. It is intolerant of shade and has an extensive horizontal root system making this an excellent choice for controlling erosion on dry, sandy sites....

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White Spruce (Picea glauca)

White Spruce is a large, short needled conifer that is somewhat slow growing and long lived. It carries its branches to the ground making it extremely useful as a wind break as well as shelter for wildlife and ground birds. White Spruce grow in a variety of soils, are...

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